Protecting Business, Property and Liberty


Troupis Law Office, LLC is dedicated to providing services reflective of my commitment to limit my practice to those matters that fall within my expertise and are of particular interest. So, for example, I have reviewed and provided expert testimony on legal fees in an Intellectual Property case and I have appeared as counsel and provided oversight and advice in appellate matters, including the voter ID case before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  I have provided advice on legislative matters. In addition, I appear before groups to speak on a variety of topics (including particularly issues of Freedom and Liberty), I provide commentary regularly on radio and in newspapers and I continue to write for various publications. My practice is very limited and does not include day to day matters. I am particularly pleased to consider providing expert opinions and, when appropriate, expert testimony, and to work with you on appellate matters.

If you believe the matter you have would be of particular interest, and would fall within my expertise (a Curriculum Vitea appears elsewhere on the website), you may contact me directly at my personal email: or call me on my cell phone at 608-695-3520. Recognizing that I have  limited my practice, it may be more appropriate for you to contact Sarah Troupis Ferguson at 608-695-9147 ( or Stewart Karge at 630-880-7061 ( as they can provide you with general legal services and advice.